Dog playground: what rules apply there?

Dog playground: what rules apply there?

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So that all two-legged and four-legged friends have equal fun in the dog playground, you should follow certain rules. The following tips reveal what they are and what they are used for. This sporty four-legged friend has fun in the dog playground - Image: Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

The rules on the dog playground are largely there to make people and animals feel comfortable there. Basically, you should only go to the dog playground with a socially acceptable and well-behaved, obedient dog. With aggressive four-legged friends, you should definitely avoid places like this and first go to a dog school.

Respect and responsibility in the dog playground

A respectful and responsible handling of the play equipment, the exercise area, the fellow human beings and the other dogs is very important on the playground for dogs. This means, for example, that the remains of a four-legged friend are immediately disposed of and care is taken to ensure that they do not dig in the meadow, but only at the designated place. In addition, you should always keep an eye on your darling and call him or intervene immediately if he fights for territorial battles and scuffles with his own kind. Dog playgrounds often require proof of dog liability insurance if something happens.

If you take your children to the dog playground, you have to take special care of them. Because when the little ones are romping happily about the dog area, screaming and climbing on the play equipment, there can be unwanted incidents. After all, you do not know how the other dogs react to children and whether they do not feel provoked by the behavior of their offspring. The play equipment could also be damaged if people climb on it.

Dog health and safety rules

In addition, you should adhere to certain rules that serve the safety and health of humans and animals. If your dog is sick, you should take him to the vet before you take him to the dog place. Otherwise he could possibly infect his peers. Out of consideration for the males, you should not bring in heat bitches.

Playing time with cute dog puppies

When visiting the dog playground for the first time, you usually have to show your favorite vaccination certificate. Dogs that are not adequately vaccinated and dewormed are generally not allowed on the pitch.


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