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Tips for keeping the Burmese cat

Tips for keeping the Burmese cat

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Overall, the Burmese cat's posture is straightforward. The most important thing you should bring for the beautiful velvet paw is time. She is not at all happy to be alone. The Burmese cat: How to keep and care for the velvet paw - Image: Shutterstock / Alinute Silzevicuite

As far as posture is concerned, the Burmese cat resembles the Siamese cat in its demands: The velvet paw from Myanmar in Southeast Asia is also very sociable, active and open. Above all, she wants to be busy - be it playing, romping or cuddling.

Attitude: Ideally in pairs or with a lot of time

The essence of the petite cat is characterized above all by its affection and its pronounced activity. It is not for nothing that the Burmese cat bears the nickname "human cat". When you are considering purchasing a representative of this beautiful breed of cat, you should always consider whether you have enough time and energy to take care of your roommate. A detailed, daily game unit should be just as natural as cuddling and caressing. If you may not be able to give the cat the time it needs, consider buying a second velvet paw - you'll often be better off in pairs.

Small cat breeds: these are part of it

Caring for the Burmese cat

Basically, nothing stands in the way of keeping the apartment. If you have enough space and deal enough with the Burmese cat, it can feel comfortable even without free access.

As far as grooming is concerned, this breed is also relatively uncomplicated. Brushing the cat occasionally is usually sufficient to keep the fur shiny and silky. Since it has almost no undercoat, allergy sufferers often get along well with it.

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