Dogs that start with k

Dogs that start with k

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Dogs that start with k

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Here's a big-hearted canine who's ready to make you his pal and be an awesome dog.

Do you love dogs, but you have to admit that sometimes they're a bit of a pain in the... er... you know.

That's why we love the guys and gals at Canine Cuddle, they're a couple of the nicest pups around and their website is proof.

The site, which was launched in 2001, is one of the world's largest online photo sharing sites dedicated to Canines.

You can use the website to browse a wide selection of great photographs of dogs, or upload your own pictures and share them with other dog lovers.

The site's motto is 'We know you care about your dogs, and we care about you' - and we're pretty sure the other members of the Canine Cuddle community appreciate it too.

Here are three of the cutest-looking dogs to come along in a long time.

If you think this is the one you're looking for, why not head to Canine Cuddle and see for yourself.

If you don't like dogs in your life, go outside and look in the window of a fire station. You'll see a great big, waggly-haired, red-eyed canine looking at you all lovey-dovey, licking his chops and wagging his tail.

This is a dog in love and he loves you. And he really does know he loves you. It's the way dogs work. As a puppy, if he really loves you, he'll give you a big bone.

He can be a little hard to love. Maybe he doesn't listen very well. Maybe he's a grumpy little blighter. But if you can put up with that for a year, in about twelve months you'll have a dog that really, really likes you.

And then you can live a dog's life of joy.

If you've ever loved a dog, you've found the sweetest, cleverest, funniest, most loyal little bundle of love and devotion. If you don't believe me, get a dog.

If you've ever been around a dog you know this. A dog wants to be with you all the time and will look at you and follow you everywhere. You'll find that just as you go to bed you hear 'Hup, Hup, Hup.' He's walking in the door.

You'll also find that a dog's life is a simple life of joy. A dog's life is one of love and understanding and fun. If you love dogs and want a great dog you can be with all the time, what could be better?

A dog is good-hearted, loving, and happy. You can never find a better man than a dog.

And it's good for your self-respect.

If you're one of those people who's always moaning and nagging at your child, or at other people's children, or at yourself, it might be time to look at a dog. You have all the love and devotion that a dog wants and needs. And you'll find it gives you a sense of peace and happiness that just can't be matched by the love of any other creature.

I love dogs. It's not just about loyalty. It's about love.

* * *

The Dog Book (revised edition) by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and John Bradshaw, MRCVS (a world authority on veterinary medicine and surgery).


**L** IKE I DIDN'T know it was possible, I'd been writing for years and years, but I'd never thought of editing my own work. But that is exactly what I had to do when I realised the mistakes in the book. There were two different editions of the book, but I'd used the same manuscript and made the same editorial changes in both. Now there were mistakes, but they were mine. The biggest mistake was failing to check carefully when I'd sent the manuscript off to the publisher. This was partly because I wanted to try and make the manuscript fit into the small space I'd set aside for it, and partly because I was so excited to be allowed to write it in the first place, and was more confident than usual that I'd done the right thing.

But it wasn't until I sent the final copy to the publisher that I found there was a lot of material I'd written about my daughter which was completely out of order, and which was making my life and my relationship with my daughter worse. It's a mistake that's been made thousands of times, not just by authors. We've all been duped into believing the story you've created about your life is actually true. In this book I'd written that my life was a success, that I'd won a job I'd been after for years, and that I had a happy marriage and a healthy, happy family. That wasn't true. In fact, my marriage was all but over. And I didn't have a happy family.

My editor and publisher were horrified. It was the first time I'd failed to make an accurate record of my life and I knew they were right to be horrified.

If I'd checked every time I wrote something, every time I spoke, I wouldn't have made the same mistakes. I couldn't have been more clear, but I've never been more human.

And in my own defence, I'm always trying to be clever. When people ask me what I do, I say I'm a writer. And I am. But I also say I'm an illustrator and an artist, and of course I am, but I have to work pretty hard to be convincing. So if I tell the truth, I have to convince others that I'm being truthful, but if I don't tell the truth I'm a liar. It's a conundrum. My life is a conundrum. I don't know how to be anyone other than myself.

As I say, most of the people I know are a bit like me. But because I've been honest with myself and made mistakes and become human, I've become a little bit human. People see what's really going on and they make allowances. I believe you're allowed to be human. I believe we should all be allowed to be who we really are, no matter what people say about us.

Being human is just being aware of yourself.

And the problem with being human is that you can be human and still do

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