My dog doesn t chew his food

My dog doesn t chew his food

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My dog doesn t chew his food at all anymore. When I put a new bowl down for him he gobbles it up and goes right to bed. The other day I decided to try putting his food away for him. He was chewing and sniffing his bed. I brought him outside and he wouldn t stop. We went into the house and I set the bowl down. He continued to sniff and chew the bowl. We went into the kitchen and I left the bowl in the same spot for 5 minutes. When I brought him back in he was still chewing on the bowl. I took the bowl away and brought it to his bed. He stopped and ate for 10 minutes before he went to bed. When he is chewing on the bowl he just looks up at me and keeps chewing. He doesn t stop no matter how long I wt. When I let him out in the house he keeps chewing on the bowl. This happened two times, once with dry food and once with wet. I have tried leaving it in the kitchen and he has chewed through the whole thing to the bottom of the bowl. When he is chewing he does not stop until he has chewed the whole thing in. I have had to put his food away for him and it was fine. I just am curious as to why he would do this? He had been doing this since I got him. He is 2 years old.

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I would look for him to be stressed as to why he is chewing the bowl. You could even do some trning with him on what to chew and when to chew, this will make it less stressful for him. Good Luck!

If I understand you correctly, when you say he didn't stop eating, do you mean he didn't stop gnawing, or that he didn't stop eating? What do you mean when you say he "chews the whole thing"?? If it's the whole thing, the whole bowl, I'm assuming that you are feeding him with a water bowl and then you would be doing a water change, and you should be letting him eat from the fresh bowl. Also, have you seen your veterinarian about his teeth?

No, he is not chewing on his food. He never has and never will. He has never chewed on anything else. He is a very well trned dog. I took him to the vet today and he sd he was a little underweight and they sd he needed to have his teeth cleaned. They told me that sometimes dogs with an overactive stomach will try to chew on things, especially at first. He doesn't want to chew on the bowl either. He will eat, he doesn't chew the bowl. When I put his food down he stops and eats. I will leave it for 15 minutes, come back and he is still eating. I will go back and he is still chewing and still chewing. It is like he is determined to eat it, no matter how long I leave it. I took his bowl outside, he sniffed it and kept chewing it. I went back into the kitchen and left it in the same spot for another 15 minutes. He was still eating. I took it back into the living room, he sniffed it, and still kept chewing. I have to move his food, the food that is in the dog bowls, because he will always go strght to his bed and start chewing on the bowl when I leave it there. He has a dry food and a wet food and I never feed him out of a bowl. I never see him eat out of his bowl. I have had him for a year and I have not seen him chew on anything. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen him chewing on things. It's just very strange.

Hi, I'm not sure what else I can add, I was just reading through some of the posts and I have to agree, most people's dogs aren't really doing it. When I adopted my dog I thought he was chewing because he had not been eating right, not until my mom brought some puppy pellets, he started doing it and it was because he had eaten the same thing for a long time, I gave him a different food and it went away. He did the same thing with dry and wet food, then when I started feeding him on the ground it went away.

If you've checked everything that's already been sd I would guess that he has a serious dental problem, because that's what I've read. It doesn't sound like you're giving him sufficient quality food. Maybe get him to a veterinarian and get them to take a look at his teeth. I hope your dog feels better soon.

I have a 16 month old lab/boxer mix who does this. My vet thinks it may be the food, as he eats dry dog food and seems to eat more than the other dogs at the shelter. However, I don't want to completely switch him to wet food, as he has had wet food for his whole life. What I do is keep a water dish in the room with him. I make sure he gets to the water right away, and keep a small bowl in his room for him to get water from. I put the food in the bowl as he eats it, then I put the bowl in his room. He does this every morning before I take him out for a walk. He also drinks the water from his bowl at night, as if he knows the food is in his bowl at night, and in the morning.

My dog used to do this, but now it is like he has a "no food in the house" rule. If I have any food in the house, it is on the floor and he will eat the food (in a bowl), but if he eats, it is in his bowl and it is in my room (with the food on the floor). He has a water bowl outside and he gets to that first.

I think that's all I can think of. I also have the no food in the house rule, so I know it is possible.

When my dog chews a plastic toy for awhile it is a pn for me. We keep all our toys for him in the laundry room, so it is

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