Cat throws buttocks up: why?

Cat throws buttocks up: why?

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You probably know that: As soon as you stroke your cat on the back, it will raise its bottom. From a human perspective, this may be strange behavior, but for cats it is a basic instinct that shows trust. When cats raise their plush bottom, they usually feel good - Shutterstock / bodorka

If your cat stretches its bottom while petting, you don't need to pull your hand back in alarm. On the contrary - the kitty shows you that you like what you do. Read here what exactly is behind the behavior.

Pats that are well received by the Miez

Many cats enjoy being cuddled and petted extensively by their owner. The back is particularly sensitive, as there are many nerve endings here. If you stroke the back of your velvet paw and it then pushes your butt up, it means that you are doing everything right. Your kitty kind of asks that you continue right there. But be careful: precisely because this region is so sensitive, not every cat likes to be touched there.

Cat throws buttocks high: child's holdover

Shortly after birth, cat mothers lick their kittens just above the tail to encourage them to do their business. So you know to be touched there. Some then stretch their buttocks up because they see it as a logical consequence that they are licked clean by the mom shortly afterwards. But don't worry: even if your cat sometimes sees your mom in you, she doesn't expect you to lick her off. It is sufficient for the adult cat to just continue petting.

When cats stretch their buttocks up, they also show trust in you. The friendly greeting in the social behavior of cats often happens so that each kitty can sniff the back of the other. So if your velvet paw stretches your butt, it means that it will be happy to greet you and is not shy.

Love is ... how cats show their affection

She loves me, she doesn't love me, she loves me ... whether cats feel love for their people ...

Cat lady stretches buttocks in mating behavior

If your female cat suddenly stretches its buttocks very often, it could mean that it is currently in a rolling state. The behavior is evidence of intact communication between sexual partners. The cat shows the cat that it is ready to mate. If you do not want fluffy offspring, you should now make sure to keep your kitty in the apartment protected from aspirants for the time being or to have her neutered.

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