Cat snores: when to go to the vet

Cat snores: when to go to the vet

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When a cat snores, it may seem like a strange peculiarity. However, it can also be a symptom of a disease that will cause further health problems in the further course. If you have the following signs, you should rather go to the vet with your velvet paw. Snoring in cats can be anatomical or a sign of illness. - Shutterstock / TalyaPhoto

Apart from the volume, it is often harmless for cats to snore. But where does snoring come from? This can have harmless but also questionable causes.

Cat snores: harmless causes

The following causes are harmless as long as your cat does not suffer from breathing interruptions - so-called sleep apnea - or even shortness of breath during sleep. In this case, a visit to the vet is always advisable.

  • nasal polyps: Benign tissue growths up to 2.5 centimeters in size may narrow the airways and cause snoring. A veterinarian must be consulted for a reliable diagnosis of nasal polyps. This puts your cat under anesthesia and examines the mouth, throat and sinuses for excess tissue. These tissue growths are removed as soon as possible or later in a separate polyp surgery. Your cat should be in good health before the procedure.
  • Deformed airways in pedigree cats: When breeding the Persian cat, for example, the considerably shortened facial skull often ensures that the cat snores. Since snoring is anatomical, it usually does not give cause for concern. It's just loud when you sleep.
  • Other anatomical causes: In addition, sagging of the soft palate, over-grown almonds or a small lower jaw of your cat can be the reason for snoring. Then there should have been some noise while sleeping. In that case it is only loud, but harmless.

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When the vet is needed for snoring

Basically, you should go to the vet especially if you suddenly experience snoring. This can be due to serious illnesses.

  • infectious diseases: Respiratory infections may cause snoring to suddenly appear. It is important to know whether it is just a harmless flu infection, i.e. a cold, or the dangerous cat cold. This is extremely threatening, especially for young animals. To get certainty and the right treatment for your cat, it is essential to check with the veterinarian. The cat cold can be triggered by different pathogens, which must be determined for the right therapy.
  • Tumor in the respiratory tract: Again, if snoring suddenly occurs: go to the vet! Undetected, an advanced tumor can become very dangerous and, in the worst case, cause shortness of breath.
  • Obesity: If your cat is overweight and the airway is blocked by the fat pads, snoring can be one of many symptoms. It is an indication that weight loss is necessary. This should also be done under veterinary instructions.
  • sleep apnea: This is a sleep-related breathing disorder that also occurs with us bipeds. It is characterized by the fact that long-lasting or very frequent breathing interruptions occur during sleep. At some point, this can lead to considerable damage to the cardiovascular system, since there is repeated undersupply of oxygen and an excessive level of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Snoring as a sign of trust

In the best case, your cat simply feels comfortable with you. It then drops so much when sleeping that it starts to snore. In this case, we congratulate you for building an extremely healthy relationship of trust with your cat.

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