Vomiting in cats when to worry

Vomiting in cats when to worry

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Vomiting in cats when to worry

A cat has regurgitated some form of an object/food and is unable to take it back up. Is this normal or should I be worried about a more serious condition?

I’ve had three cats vomiting what appears to be a small amount of food (pica) on occasion in the past 3-4 months. One of them has vomited more than once in the past month. There’s no apparent reason to stop me from continuing to feed her, but should I be worried about the health of my cats if I don’t act?

My cat is vomiting after eating. He does not have the smell of vomit anywhere in the house, so I do not think he is actually passing it on to me. We think it is just the dry matter he swallows before eating and he is regurgitating the rest. My vets have told me that they do not normally cause harm in this situation but are normal.

Answer by Kate

It is more likely to be an issue of “over-eating”. Make sure he has only the amount you think he needs and that he is eating from a bowl you know is clean. Vomiting is common in many species, including cats. In the wild, it is an evolved response to remove from the body the toxic substances in plants eaten, so it isn’t a problem in itself. There are some foods that can cause a problem, but not many.

A vet will need to look at the food your cat is eating (if you aren’t prepared to do this yourself) to identify any suspect foods. If they think a diet change might be needed then they will offer a prescription, for example calcium-fortified kitten food for a high-energy diet.

It would be wise to have your vet check the cat regularly. They should be fine as long as it is not a larger problem such as vomiting enough to cause diarrhoea or weight loss, but if it looks like your cat might have an underlying problem then a check should be done.

Answer by Kate

There is no way to know for sure. It is likely to be fine. If your kitten is hungry it will find something to eat. If he is not hungry, it’s less likely he will want to eat. If he is hungry it will seek out and eat treats. There is no real evidence that some cats develop allergies to foods as they age, even if they have never eaten a particular food in their life. And if they have eaten a food once or twice before then there is no real reason why they should not be able to eat it later. You can always give him a different food if you think it will benefit him, but it’s not necessary.

Answer by Joanne

It is unlikely to be anything serious, but a vet would be wise to be consulted if your kitten is not eating enough. If he is only eating one or two small meals a day, he may be starving and in danger of losing weight. If he is vomiting then it’s a good idea to have him checked by the vet. If he is vomiting continuously, is not eating or drinking, or seems listless, it is worth seeing the vet. They will probably do blood tests and might try an x-ray or ultrasound, as well as examining him. If the vet thinks there is something serious then he will probably take blood and do further tests, such as an ECG. He may recommend a medication for your kitten, but this is unlikely to be needed unless your kitten has a chronic problem, such as a condition affecting his kidneys or liver. Most likely, you will be given some suggestions about changes you could make to improve his condition. The most common recommendations are to try to offer him more food, especially dry food, and to give him a water bowl so that he can drink more.

Answer by jere

I am sorry to say that you need to call your vet. There may be nothing wrong with your kitty, but in the future if you notice this symptom in your kitten then you need to take action immediately.

A kitty who is not eating can’t be very happy. If he has lost weight he could become weak and then could become sick. It’s a good idea to call the vet to come and examine him.

Another reason to call the vet is if he starts having trouble breathing or he vomits a lot. If these things happen to him then he may need to be treated by a vet.

Answer by Janice

Kittens who stop eating will usually stop eating because their growth is slowing down. This is a normal development, so don’t worry.

Also, when a kitten stops eating it is only a matter of time before he needs to go to the vet. This can happen any time a kitten stops eating, even if he was a healthy kitten who was just beginning to eat.

Most veterinarians will recommend calling them if you start to see your kitten having trouble breathing. If your kitten seems to be having trouble breathing, it’s probably a good idea to call your vet. He can evaluate your kitten and prescribe medications or anesthetic if your kitten is in pain. Your veterinarian may also be able to tell you how to help your kitten feel better.

Answer by Debra

The most common reason for a kitten not eating is that he is stressed. If this is the case then it’s important that you keep him from being stressed by providing him with a safe place to live and plenty of places to play.

If your kitten starts to eat again, take it as a good sign. Now that he knows he is safe he will be less stressed and will probably want to eat more.

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